Catalyst Design Group

Employee portal for Fortune 100 pet superstore

Catalyst Design Group enabled PetSmart to communicate with its 54,000 store associates and employees worldwide in a way never before possible, using a highly customized web solution in conjunction with gamification, training and monthly video production. Employees report better product and promotional knowledge, high levels of satisfaction with the system, and an increased connection with the company, its products and its goals.

Training and Communications Portal, LMS and LRS, and learning coursework development 

Seeing Machines, the world’s leading provider of eye-tracking and fatigue management systems, needed an end-to-end e-learning solution that included a learning management system (LMS) to track usage, completion rates, and progression through the available coursework and training modules. CDG created and developed a multiple tracks of interactive learning modules and implemented a sophisticated LMS-based process to deliver the training to users worldwide in multiple languages. The system was designed to allow training providers to choose appropriate learning tracks for students and employees in various roles and ensure that no course is attempted before its prerequisite has been completed. Supervisors are notified upon completion of certain levels, and certificates of completion are issued to learners. Seeing Machines has enjoyed substantial training cost reductions, improved standardization of training, and more accurate tracking and verification of completion.

Enterprise shipping container tracking, collections, and invoicing platform

A major transportation and shipping association needed a comprehensive shipping container based tracking, invoicing and disbursement system to track movements and charges. CDG worked with the client to strategically architect, design and develop an enterprise grade system, from conceptualization through implementation, testing and support and maintenance, playing a critical role in hosting, infrastructure, and disaster recovery strategy. The system, based on Oracle 12c, receives and standardizes disparate data from external entities including ports and shipping companies, calculates and produces invoices based on hundreds of rules, tracks collections, and calculates disbursements of funds in excess of $500MM annually. CDG also produced all e-learning modules as well as an introductory promotional video.